Last week on Tuesday my daughter spotted one of your stones placed on a little ledge of a path marker in Assiniboine Forest. Truth be told it was the second stone of yours she found in the last year. 

Last weeks stone said "be brave", and she immediately ran over to show it to me. She had just begun a series of orthodontic work and I thought, "how fitting"...I found it in the laundry again last night and put it on the coffee maker so I would make a point of joining in the project. I remember feeling remorseful when I didn't join in the first time we found a stone. That one had been placed in a little nook on a yards edge on Wolseley avenue. She found it as we were walking to the park with her brothers and the little girl I care for. I can't remember the exact message but I remember smiling at it. 

I can't help but wonder if my daughter (age 7) has taught me to pay a little closer attention. Perhaps I am the one who needs to be brave? I suppose we all need to be. Life can be overwhelming, and fear of "feeling" seems to stop me from doing the things I really want to. I've been listening to some thoughts lately on taking action in your own life rather than passively living. I've been "a victim of circumstance" for years. Time to "be brave". 
Thank you for these words. How can I join in on this project? Shall I put the stone in another place to be discovered? Shall my kids and I make our own stones? My sisters and I are going to Gimli this weekend and we always scour the beach for stones...

(Addendum to the story above: "I found the first stone again! In fact, it was right in front of me this whole time. My partner had been using it to block a tiny light on our tv in the bedroom when we sleep. I haven't always believed that "love always wins", but somehow it seems to be. Imagine that." )