On the beach where I collect many of my stones for this project (in Gimli, Manitoba), I left a stone that I didn't ever expect to be found. I left it in amongst thousands of others. Of course, as fate would have it.. it was the first stone I ever got an email about. A beautiful story...

I got an email from a man who wanted to know who I was, and what the stone was all about. I wrote back with this email:

For you (fellow adventurer and treasure hunter),

The stone stories project is an experiment in serendipity. An experiment to see if the messages on the stone have any resonance to those who find them. There are many stones hidden in various places in Manitoba, each with a different message. Lots of them have also been photographically documented and will eventually form a series of photo cards and prints. 

I am curious about the people who find these stones... those who stop and take the time to notice.  People like you. Not everyone sees the world in the same way.. many would never find the treasure you have discovered. I would love to hear your story.. a bit about you, your discovery (what the stone said) and if it touched your life. Thank you for contacting me and I hope you will be part of this project!

From me (a passionate explorer of life and believer in serendipity)


This was his response:

I was walking along Gimli beach in front of the Lakeview hotel with my wife, looking for stones with holes in them. As we were celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary, and this walk on the beach finding these stones is something we have done for as many years. Your stone said LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES IF YOUR PAYING ATTENTION. I am an artist in watercolour, stained glass, traditional rug hooking, wood carving etc.. I guess you could say that I am paying attention. I will be going to British Columbia in September and I'll make a copy of your stone to take with me to put on the beach in Steveston BC. I'll use a stone with a hole in it so you can identify it as coming from me. 

What a beautiful start... a message written on a stone. A moment of connection shared between strangers and a desire to pay forward the love and mystery to someone else.