let things that want to belong to you find you.


Spreading love one stone at a time. 

Julie Epp, creator of Stone Stories  (photo by Julie Fulsher)

Julie Epp, creator of Stone Stories  (photo by Julie Fulsher)


I like to think of Stone Stories as an experiment in serendipity.  Stones with meaningful message are placed out in the world for people to find - hidden in plain sight - and I trust they end up exactly where they are meant to.

I am a believer in destiny.. in things being exactly as they are meant to. That includes you finding a stone and finding yourself here. I love hearing stories from the people who have found the stones - I constantly get confirmation that this one small act has the power to touch people's lives in a big way.

I started Stone Stories in the summer of 2013 in Winnipeg, MB as a way to spread more love out in the world. By now, thousands of stones have been placed by many people who have joined the movement. And though it started in Winnipeg, these stones have ended up all over Canada, and have even traveled to Europe and Africa. 

What if we could put something out in the world and it could reach someone else and impact their life? What if our words could actually be a lifeline to another? Would we then be more aware of our impact on each other and the world? I like to imagine a world where making a difference is really that simple. 

If you're interested in having a presentation about the Stone Stories project in your school or organization, please let me know. I am a regular presenter with Manitoba Alive and have had the honour of sharing this project in workshops and at schools. If you would like to connect with me in regards to any of my other work (personal coach, art therapist, filmmaker, graphic designer, videographer, photographer, crafter), you can connect with me on my personal sites. 


Thanks for visiting,  Julie

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